Locked In The Past | part 1 ~ Obstacles

“…locked in the past, thinking of what could have been.”

Are you “locked in the past”?

I was!

For years I desired to move away from my home state of Michigan. Yet, I remained ‘locked in the past’ and only dreamt of the day when changes would come.

td 2 unnamed

Then that day finally came.

I found the ‘key’ within me,
unlocked ‘the past’
and headed for my dreams……………..
my Happiness!

happiness unnamed (4)

It was November of 2016, when my adult son and I uprooted and moved across America. We both had a strong yearning to move west. Against most odds, we packed up and left, just before snowfall….. and sailed off into the sunset……

Well, it was not really all that smooth.

When we first made our decision to ‘move west’, we had:

  • little income,
  • no transportation
  • and virtually no savings for such a jaunt.
  • We were talking about traveling over 1000 miles (1600 km) west
  • to unknown land!
  • We knew no one out west.
  • We would be totally on our own.
  • blah, blah, blah…..
  • and I was still recovering from back surgery

HOW were we going to pull this off?

end unnamed (1)

Our hearts won the battle
and the HOW did not matter.

We both had wanted to move from Michigan for nearly 10 years.
We both longed to go west.
Our lives had aligned in such a way,
that the moment was now presenting itself to us.

We either GO,
or we STAY
and sludge through my 60th winter!

change unnamed

“…stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been.”


My son, Heath, is a HUGE proponent of writing things down!
He goes through a gazillion notebooks.
Is always “writing it down”.
Writing/reading/writing is the last thing he does  before sleep.
Writing/reading/writing is of the first things upon waking.
He always has pen and paper
and writes things down reflexively.

In our conversations, should something come up, he will stop talking and write it down. He knows how quickly a thought/idea can escape. Writing it down,  solidifies it and releases you from having to retain/remember it.
He is forever saying to me, “You should write that down”.

So…. he got out pen/paper and we talked of what we wanted. He charted out the pro’s/con’s as we spoke/dreamed/desired and designed our plan to move forward.


That ‘planning experience’,
was life changing for me!

We chose NOT to fly, even though it would have been cheaper and much faster!
We wanted to drive and ‘experience’ the transition of our lives.

We sold everything we could,
he did photo shoots and odd jobs,
I did what I could online,
and we raised just enough money
to get us to our destination.
Barring any unforeseen issues…..

Weeks before leaving, we secured a van for the trip.
Days before leaving, the van blew up.
THAT was an unforeseen issue!

Heath then found an old GMC Jimmy which we could afford. It needed some front end work, tires were bad and the heater did not work.
THAT was an unforeseen issue!

It was November in Michigan and getting ready to snow. We needed heat!

We got the front end taken care of and tires…. but could not afford to fix the heat.

That was okay. We were ready to get on the road…. until…..

 A flat tire!
THAT was an unforeseen issue!

good thing it was only flat on the bottom

And…. Everything Happens for a Reason

It was Saturday night, the garage was closed and would not open till Monday.
THAT was an unforeseen issue!

We had already vacated our rental ‘home’ and had no place to sleep.
THAT was an unforeseen issue!
A friend took us in.

By now, many of our friends were telling us that we should not go. These are all bad signs showing that we need to stay in Michigan.
THAT was an unforeseen issue!

We soon stopped telling people of our plans to leave. They all meant well, but they were coming from ‘old energy’ ways and we did not need that dragging us down.

Perhaps some of our friends were upset with our silent departure, for they are no longer in our world.
I had someone end our decade old friendship because I was living/doing what they had been /wanting/dreaming of doing/living.
THOSE were unforeseen, but NOT an issue!

And that is okay. I love a good weeding out process.

delete unnamed (6)

We were about to leave when my son realized that he had left his laptop at the rental house that we just vacated.  He called the home owners. We could pick it up, later that night.
THAT was an unforeseen issue which caused more of a delay for departure.

Eventually, we did get out of Michigan and headed to Colorado……

To be continued…….go here for part 2

Thanx for being here,

A Journey From MI to CA (category) for more readings on our adventures moving west.

Beware of Dirty Electricity : My Story (category) for more readings of what helped to push me into moving west.

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