Oh! Those Tree Fairies….

Meet the fancifully free and fun Tree Fairies of my world

In the dawn of morning and by the twilight of night, THOSE are the best times to see them as they flit and dance about.  Certainly you have noticed?

I seldom see them during the daylight hours.

  • Is it the heat?
  • Or are they sleeping?
  • Perhaps the rays of day simply meld them into non-existence to the human’s concept

The upstairs window is the best place to watch them. My imagination goes wild as I see them in the branches of the tree tops.

  • They dart here and there.
  • At times they seem to go far away
  • and other times they stay quite near the trees.
  • Some are slow,
  • others are fast
  • and some just seem to float on endlessly on a gentle current of air.

They come in all sizes, yet all are quite small…. from a spec of dust to the magnitude of a golf ball….or perhaps larger at times. Probably smaller too.

When I first noticed them, they kept to themselves, the few that there were. The more I watched over the days, there came to be many fairies.

It appears we are coming to a mutual acceptance of each other. They are expanding their territory… coming closer and closer to my window.

I openly welcome them, yet none have actually visited. Not yet!

I have taken many pictures of them, which is quite tricky.

Rarely do I capture their images

I sometimes feel as if they may be camera shy….

And yet…..

“…could they know about cameras?”, I wonder to myself…. hmmm

certainly I must have captured at least ONE fairy in this image…. they were so active when I grabbed my camera

I tell my friends about the tree fairies:

  • A few of them felt I am “gifted”.
  • Some have felt that my fairy friends are merely insects, glistening in the sun as they fly around doing their ‘bug-like’ activities.
  • Others have said they could be downy-soft plant seeds passing through.
  • My scientific friends claim I am seeing the atmospheric blah, blah, blah…..

And all of that is okay.

The main point here is to get connected with nature!

nature unnamed

~ ren

Daily Prompt: atmospheric



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