With UNITY, Comes Change

These are such fantastic times to be living in!

Do you agree?

Do you see/feel/sense it?

The changes coming forth are so very long over due.

Do you think so too?

I suppose there are those who still see chaos and turmoil as they gaze about the world that they view as dark/black/void of love.

Copy of 100_4119
photo by ren

There are those who still feel they must dredge up the ladder and fight through the entangling vines in life.

photo by ren – no more slogging up the ladder of turmoil

And yet,

  • they are also discovering that it does not need to be that way any longer.
  • they are finding out that the world of imagination is what brings about change.
  • they are experiencing that when they focus their attention WITH intention, on the end result, then THAT is what accelerates change.
    • That is how we co-create.

When we look beyond the ‘confusion’ on the ‘plaque of life‘, we are then able to see the bright and brilliant beauty of what lies beyond.

photo by ren 

My heart is uplifted as I see hundreds and thousands of people “Waking-Up” right now. They are finally able to see the world for the beauty and benevolence which it truly beholds. They are able to look beyond the illusion/see the end result and are joining the dance of UNITY.

With UNITY comes change for the future. And the bestest part is….
We are starting with a clean slate and creating our new world right now!

photo by ren

A future:

  • of true pure Freedom
  • with no more riff-raff
  • and there be war no more
  • where pre-2012 will be known as the “Barbaric Age”

A future:

  • of responsible loving beings
  • full of earth grown, toxin free foods
  • in which you can drink from any flowing river
  • with animals greeting you at the water side
  • where integrity is the norm and greed has fallen away
  • with clean air, water, soil
  • in which we can agree to disagree
  • that we are creating right now!

That is a sneak peek into a piece of my imagination of where I live now.

What does your future look like?
Go ahead…. use your imagination….
do not shy away from your own imagination….
utilize it fully, right now.

Please share with me, the beauty of what your future holds for you and the children, grand children, etc of tomorrow.

Thank you,

Daily Prompt: riff (I cheated a little) black



  1. Interesting take on what the future has in store for us – or well – perhaps what just you see. While I do not quite see all that you do, truth be told – I would much rather believe in your future visions than the one presently being painted for us by what we call “media” today. One day at a time, Ren, one day at a time. And that is the beauty of one day at a time – taking it that way – life is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you would much rather believe in my future visions, than the one presently being painted by the media….. then so be it! You can believe in anything you want! No one, but you, is making you believe the ‘media’. It is all a matter of choice.
      The media does a good job of keeping people in FEAR! Fear FEEDS what you do NOT want.
      There really are only 2 choices in life….
      LOVE or FEAR
      What do you choose? It really is that simple….. 😀
      It is when you can look ‘beyond’ what is being painted for you. by the media….. the painting is a ‘control device’ and a distraction so you do not see the Big Picture.
      And that is all my opinion/truth… 😀 thank you


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