The Dance of Life

foggy 100_8780
photo by ren

With all the turmoil and chaos on the planet, know it is merely the dance of the Integration of the Dark with the Light. The Dark has 3 left feet!

Do not allow the dancing to scare you.

Stop living in fear, for fear is what feeds the Dark.

Find a place in your heart to feel love.

Use your powerful imagination to go to the Heaven on Earth you so deserve.

Know that the Dark ultimately has to serve the Light. You can prove this by walking into a dark room and turning on the light. What happens to the dark?

Know that there really is no Dark, there really is no Light, there is only ONE.

We are living in exciting and wonderful times right now.

A time where UNITY is becoming our precious new Normal supported by love and compassion.

Enjoy the dance of the Dark and the Light, for it is bringing us True Freedom.
Close your eyes and imagine what that may mean for you!
True Freedom!!

Love and hugz,

Daily Prompt: dancing


    • Thanx! That helps me a lot! And I have noticed the positive wave of your blog. Your hikes remind me of when I hiked the woods of Michigan. Now I hike the mountains of southern California…. crazy shift! lol


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