I Chose NOT to Continue —

I have been attempting to cover “all that is going on” right now on the planet. And I found I was really struggling with it. I would prepare to blog and felt like a dark cloud would drop over me and shut me down.

I would then shut down the computer and walk away.

  • My choice of topics was NOT resonating with me.
  • I did not like how it was making me feel.
  • It was ‘hurting my heart’
    • making me sad
    • confused
    • irritated
    • and sometimes I was angered that I c/would not write.
      • I love writing!

I had to take a step back from my blog and just breathe…. I had to find my heart balance.

For those who are new to my world, I spent years ridding my stress and drama. Now, my heart is my ‘balance’ detector in my life. I focus on how my heart feels and it guides me in my world. Most of the time, my heart is balanced and happy. Life is fantastic.

At times, I catch my heart ‘racing’ or ‘out of rhythm’ and that is when I stop and find out why my heart happiness has changed.

…. you see…. you may find this hard to understand/accept/believe, but let’s give it a shot —

In spite of ALL that is falling apart on the planet … THAT is NOT my reality! I do NOT live there. I do NOT experience it. And I chose NOT to continue writing about it.

For me to regurgitate all that negative-energy based news back to you, well, it is just FEEDING what I do not want.

renagain original

I care not to feed the past and help keep it lingering on.


I much rather go into my imagination and envision, smell, taste, etc what the planet is like after all this dumb stuff is done…. after all the dust settles.

From my “I.Magi.Nation”,

  • my heart feels the happiness of everyone
    • as we rejoice together
    • dance and
    • celebrate our new beginning.
  • A beginning which we are designing.
  • We work together in UNITY as we help to clean up Gaia.

Will you join me, in your imagination?

Find the beauty and joy that you want and put it into your world, through your imagination. Live it, feel it, breathe it as if it is HERE NOW. Your imagination is more real, than what you believe reality to be.

In doing so, we will bring about the world we desire/deserve much, much quicker.

renagain original

As always, thank you so very much for being here and I LOVE your comments,


    • Thank you greatly, Ben! Passion is what we need to be living. I shall continue writing and fulfilling the tagline of Branching Out – “Experiencing & Sharing ….. my World”


  1. Hi Ren:

    You are doing a great job with your blog and I would recommend that you keep writing especially since that is your real passion. I too hate to see what is happening in our world today but I guess I am what I call a “realist” which is that I doubt seriously I can do anything about it. I would much rather spend my time discussing retirement issues – usually wild and crazy things that happen once we retire. Plus, I love to find something funny to write about as I am of the opinion that I would rather laugh and smile than be cranky and grumpy. In addition, I love to share wild and crazy – useless – information as some of the dumb stuff I come up with does cause people to laugh about what it is I write. So, didn’t mean to ramble on here but look at it this way – there are quite a few people that just love to write about all the bad stuff happening in the world today but there are only a few of us that prefer to write about upbeat and wild and crazy things – things that will make us smile and laugh. If anyone should continue writing, it is we that see the good things happening or in my case, hopefully the funny things. Hang in there, Ren, and keep writing what you are passionate about. We love it.

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    • Thank you so very much! Ramblings are awesome, thanx. I love how you look at things…. at life. You are so right!
      Since my choosing to write about more positive things, I have gotten back my desire to write and it seems to just be flowing in so I can now schedule ahead of myself. Thanks muchly for your support. And I love reading your blog!


  2. I agree with you 100%! On my blog I have times when I would love to write about stuff that really irritates me but I try really hard not to do so. I have slipped a couple of times but for the most part I try to stick with the positive. That is why I get out and hike as much as I do. You have made an excellent choice! I haven’t been able to get through other peoples blogs recently but I am going to work through the posts I have missed in yours over the next couple of days!!! Great job!!!

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    • Awe…. thank you so much! I too have stopped reading ‘other blogs’ of doom and gloom. Even blogs that tell the truth of what is happening right now on the planet, I care not to read.
      I want to focus on the end result.
      What will the world be like when all this dumb stuff is done and over? It will be beautiful!!!


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