Is That A New Language ?

a play area of ours

Over the past year, I have resided with a toddler, who has recently turned 2 years old. Her vocabulary has increased from the initial ‘baby-talk’ to sentences and now, actual conversations.

Ever have a conversation with a two year old?
Mind shattering!
The things I have learned.

While I have enjoyed watching her grow and develop over the past year, I have been in awe of her language skills development. Yet, my mind shifts back to when I first met her.

She had a few basic words for survival and everything else that came out of her mouth was ‘baby-talk’, cries and jibber-jabber….. sounds and replication of adult actions behind the sounds. But words…. they were not!

Or were they? To me, this has become a …. mystery.

To take this a step further, over the past year, another child was born into this home.


This younger sibling arrived in late spring. Today, she is around 6 months old. Her vocabulary began with cries and coos and has developed into that common baby jibber-jabber talk, which we are so familiar with.

As she rambles on, I can hear/feel/sense her intentions/meanings/desires of the ‘words’ she keeps spewing forth. To me, ‘baby-talk’ sounds like a language, unto itself.

And from that, I ask….

  • What IF baby-talk IS a language?
    • Has anyone studied this?
      • They study all kinds of ‘animal/insect/plant/tree languages’.
  • What if, WE are forcing the child to give it up their native tongue?
    • Why DO we take language away from the new child?
  • Why don’t WE learn the child’s language?
    • What are we afraid of?
      • I asked my neighbors, but they shut the door before they could answer my question. Silly people!


Honestly…. when I listen to an unknown/foreign language, it could be classified as jibber-jabber. I am clueless as to what is being said! Certainly you know what I mean. Right?

So why can’t baby jibber-jabber talk be another language?

Perhaps it is an extremely ancient language!

A language which may open doors for us…….

Thank you for reading,

Daily Prompt: mystery neighbors


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