Look What I Woke To …

my birthday

Google wishing me a Happy Birthday!

Why do I find this rather interesting…?

I do not celebrate my Birthday. Never have. Not in my adulthood.

I choose not to celebrate most all traditional holidays. I believe they are too commercialized, having lost their ‘meaning’…. if there ever was a ‘true’ meaning.

Knowing what I know today…. of our history NOT being what we were told [wait for the release of those JFK Files. They will ENLIGHTEN you. The readings will cause quite a cacophony of chaotic brain-farts, as people wrap their brains around it all] I have no desire to celebrate any of the old ways. I suspect MANY will no longer be loyal to tradition, as they once knew tradition to be.

With that all said…. earlier this year, I decided to start celebrating my Birthday.

So…. Happy Birthday to me

my birthday

Thank you, thank you,

Daily Prompts: loyal believe cacophony enlighten


  1. Is it to late to say happy birthday? Well, I still want to greet you! Haha. Happy birthday, Ren!

    Although I agree that holidays tend to be commercialized, I think it’s okay to celebrate things in our own little ways. How was your birthday celebration this year? 🙂

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