G.ma and the Giant Pumpkin Memory

Grandma and I were recently (kind of like) roommates for a few years. She lived in the 1-bedroom (Mother-In-Law) apartment, over the garage. Her family lived in the main house, attached to the garage.

I have been friends with grandma & her family for 30+ years. “I am the ‘adopted child’ of the family. ”

There was always a warm and friendly ‘open-door policy’ in their home. Over the years, many “others” have stayed in the main house, when refuge from life was needed. The family would make room for you. Sometimes that meant you camped out on the floor. Was better than a Michigan winter outdoor.

Little did I know, I would become one of the ‘others’, in need of a home.

I moved into the main house in late 2012. Grandma and I spent a lot of time together, redeveloping our relationship from what it was in the 1980’s, before she was a grandma.

Then the time came!

I was wanting/needing to move. Was an internal drive.

Grandma was saddened. She did NOT want me to move!  And yet, Grandma knew I had to follow my heart.

Our last year together was spent by going to many different places. That was Grandma’s parting gift to me….  filling me with wonderful memories. Was the best gift of my life!

My Giant Pumpkin Memory

October 2015,
grandma introduced me to the
Giant Pumpkin Sculpting of Ed Moody.

At the time,
Pumpkin Ed
traditionally displayed
his exceptional carvings
on his lawn.

1 083 pumpkin
722 Leelanau Ave Frankfort, MI

Here are a few of the pictures I took.
I have written the weight of the pumpkin
below each image.

2 084 pumpkin
633 pounds
3 111
1159 pounds {Featured Image}
4 089
1188 pounds
5 110
1551 pounds
6 113
no weight given

Thank you for looking,


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