Waking From The Illusion; Saving Kids

Full Disclosure 
Helping the Children

Child Sex Trafficking and Sexual Criminality.
Not a very popular topic!
Does that topic make you squirm?
Feel uncomfortable?
Imagine how those children feel?

This post is out of my character!
I am not one to ‘talk politics’.

I am NOT talking ‘politics’.

I am bringing Awareness.

I am one who cares about others.

I am one who wants to see more people
and enjoy life.

When I  WOKE UP, from the Illusion of Life
I felt abundant and I had no strife
And that is when I could truly see
the beauty of the world, that’s within me!
~ renagain original

Told ya it was big
what an illusion !

Excerpts from the full article.
Link follows:

Trump is fully committed to exposing and stopping the sexual criminality and child sex trafficking that’s run rampant in DC and Hollywood for far too long.

During Trump’s first month in office alone, authorities arrested over 1500 individuals for charges related to pedophilia.

The mainstream media not only has refused to cover child sex trafficking among the elites, they’ve actively covered up for the pedophiles because many in the media are involved.

Not only are most of the elite politicians and celebrities arrested tied to the Clinton’s, many of them are Democrats.

Although most of the elite pedophiles who have been arrested are registered Democrats, there are some big name Republicans involved in pedophilia-related scandals too.

Shockingly, many of the pedophile-related arrests under Trump’s Department of Justice have included law enforcement and judicial elites who are in position that require them to protect children from pedophiles.

These elite pedophile arrests are just the tip of the iceberg.

When the full truth comes out about how rampant child sex trafficking is in this country, particularly among the elites, the public will remember who had the courage to address this horrendous issue and who chose to turn a blind eye to the rape and torture of infants and kids.

Trump Takes Down Over Two Dozen Elite Pedophiles Including Celebrities & Politicians (read full article here)

My notes:

Those children are brave little souls to have agreed, before coming to earth, to play out such a role. In turn, this is bringing HUGE awareness to the planet and waking up the masses.


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