We All Have ‘Limitless Accounts’ {1 of 2} This is why it is NOT about the money$

Dear Readers,
This post is longer than my usual writings. I have chosen to break this post into two publishing’s. I feel you will find this of great interest, for it pertains to everyone on the planet.

I have been posting lately about  Heather (HATJ) and Randy (RKB), our Strawman, Slavery, the Game of Life/Our Story/The Matrix, our “Treasury Direct Accounts” (TDA), Full Disclosure, The OPPT filings, Integration of Dark and Light, etc. Due to the intense amount of information I have taken-in since July, 2017, I feel like a “whirlwind of communication”. Like I have so much to say, little time to say it.

I am now going to incorporate more details from ‘Others’ who have already written what I am wanting to convey and bring awareness to/for my readers.

These two posts are recapping an 8-2-17 post by Sophia Love, from the I-UV.com site “As We Shift – It’s Not About The Money
You can view the entire article at the link I just provided. Sophia does a wonderful job explaining things.

I want to help bring awareness to the planet of:

— at birth you are declared property and given a number
— your Birth Certificate is worth Billions +
— the Social Security card is like an ATM card without the magnetic bar
— the Strawman is the ficticious you. The ALL CAPS YOU
— when you “work for a living” you add VALUE to the ALL CAPS YOU
and so much more!

If  you  are  new  to  this,  remember:

  • Truth is stranger than Fiction
  • Please do your own research
  • Keep an open heart and mind
  • Set your current beliefs aside while you explore
    • You can always pick them up again, if you choose…..

As We Shift, It’s Not About The Money:

Let’s go back….. two months. To the beginning of August/end of July 2017. It was not that long ago.

How many of you knew about Heather’s court case happening in Washington, DC.?
The one of the “identity hearing” which is one of the most important cases, worldwide, of this century.

Did you read that?

Heather’s case is one of the most important cases, worldwide, of this century. It has been referred to as, ‘being equal to the day that Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on that bus, back in 1955’.

“So, you have a number (given at birth). Those that decided to number you, are not human. They look human, but instead they perceive themselves to be “humanities owners”.

It turns out that George Carlin, and many others before and after him, were right. They don’t give a damn about you.

How often do you or others say,
“You know what ‘They’ say?”
“‘They’ say this & that, so and so, such and such….”

How often to you stop and ask….

Who is ‘They’, anyway?

They are the International Banking family bloodlines, 6 or 8 families I believe, and they own the planet. They’ve been told many times to give it up and move elsewhere, yet they won’t let go because of greed. We find ourselves here today, at the doorstep of not just financial freedom, but actual freedom.  You’ve never experienced freedom, regardless of what you’ve been told.

  • These families consider you to be property.
  • They are not the faces and names plastered all over your media.
  • You do not see them.
  • Their only interest is in holding on to the planet and a few humans, to keep them comfortable while they are on it.

This is a great deal to take in (if you haven’t already been following it). There are many truths that will elucidate this. Here’s an article (click here). It illustrates some of what’s been done with our numbers and associated value. I’ll (Sophia’s Love) try to summarize our story up until this pivotal moment (8-2-17):

  • You are born
  • You are numbered …

This post is continued (click here for part 2 of 2)

Thank you for reading and commenting,

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