Why is ‘FOLLOW’ a Multi-Step Process @ WordPress ?

I have written about this before and I continue to be perplexed! (One day I may catch on to the WP way and comply. Would make my world happier!)

I love going out and finding new blogs/authors to read from. I click on the “Follow” button, receiving a message that I will now get email notices of new postings.


Then the days go by…. sometimes weeks go by….. and it dawns on me that the one(s) I chose to Follow, have not posted anything new.

Say What?

Their site appeared to be active when I chose to Follow them.

Then it dawns on me!

Just because I chose to Follow a new blogger does NOT mean I will AUTOMATICALLY get email notice of their postings.

But WHY do you do that, WordPress?

Why is there such a button to Follow and be told I will get email notices of new postings?

When in reality, I MUST remember to go into settings and change things up.

Is it fashionable or perhaps it is a popular thing these days?

Then I ‘get over it’
and go to the infamous
WP Reader …..

reader home page.JPG
WP Reader

….. and click on the
Manage button
for my Followed Sites.

reader manage.JPG
Manage Followed Sites

Now I have the slow and tedious “fun”
of going through the list
of those I Follow …

reader follow manually

and manually click on every Setting …

reader email off
setting for email notice is OFF/grey

and choose to get email notice.

reader email on.JPG
Click on Settings to set Email me Notices

Not a big deal.

Not really.  

Choose your battles…. right?

The big deal is that WordPress does not Follow through on what they claim to do, when I hit the Follow button.

A notice stating that I may need to go into settings….blah, blah, blah……

The big deal is now I want to go ‘back’ and find all the posts that I missed out on when I chose to Follow the blogger.

So….. what is going on here?

I notice that YouTube is similar. You can “Subscribe” to a channel,  but until you click on that little BELL icon, you will not be notified of any new videos.

This leaves me baffled!

So, in conclusion….. I apologize to the new people I have recently chosen to follow and have NOT been reading your posts. I will do my best to get caught up now.

To WordPress: You are fantastic and offer such a fabulous platform…. but you are messing with my monkey-mind when it comes to your Follow button procedures.

and PS – I do not Follow others in an attempt to get more Follows on my site.
I pray that no one Follows me, in an attempt to get me to Follow them.
I know who you are. I can smell you out.
It does not work that way in my world.

If you choose to Follow me, pray tell it is because you enjoy my writings and that you are NOT bucking for a Follow-back from me.
If you choose to Follow me, that is not a guarantee that I will Follow you.
I do not Follow anyone just for the status quo of Following anyone.
It simply does not work that way, in my world.

Thank you to all the kind readers who have chosen to follow me.
I greatly appreciate you………..

Hugz from ren

Daily Prompts: fashionable, popular


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