What does YOUR NAME have to do with this Matrix LIFE?


new conscioiusness unnamed.jpg

In the explorations of my world,
I have discovered that life
is not as I was led to believe.

L i t e r a l l y !

Life is no where close to:

  • what I was taught
  • what I had thought or
  • what I could ever fathom
  • or imagine!

It is much more grandiose than any of my wildest dreams!

some of you will get upset
and disagree with what I share….
And that is okay.
Perhaps this is not the right timing for you.

Should you care to continue exploring my words, I suggest
that you just take it all in and come from love and compassion.
Let go of what you once knew to be true.

KNOW that all is of a great weaved plan.
Heaven on earth is within our next breath.
And it is unlike anything I ever dreamed of.

I highly recommend watching The Matrix movie. Even if you have already seen it. It is pretty much, Spot On, with my (and others) explorations!

I have no other way to explain the world I am seeing, as it unveils.

We have been living in a Matrix.

Explore my other post, Are You Ready To Wake Up From The Matrix?

We are now Waking Up and discovering how to get out of the Matrix.

<><><>    <><><>

This is where it all ‘re-started’ for me……

July, 2017, someone very dear to me asked if I knew what it meant when you see YOUR NAME in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Yes I did! I learned about that many, many years ago and it meant nothing to me then. Other people were climbing on that ‘hay wagon’, but I could not wrap my brain around any significance of how it pertained to me. It simply was ‘how things were’ and what could I do about it, anyway?

Until I took another look, in July of 2017.
That is when the Light became Brighter and I began my journey down the Rabbit Hole of Commerce. In this ‘game’ I once called ‘life’. I am discovering it is all part of our Integration of Dark and Light.

And that is when I relearned that a Strawman is a Legal Fiction.

A Legal Fiction?  

Say What????

That is right! A Legal Fiction, hidden in plain sight.
That was the beginning of where I am now and that is where I shall begin sharing with you.

<><><>    <><><>


<><><>    <><><>

I encourage you to take a serious look at what I am/will be sharing.
I insist that YOU do your own homework.
Do NOT take my word.
I am simply sharing what I have found to be true, in my world.

But if my words or what I share, spark something within you, then I strongly urge you to explore it further.

I encourage you to explore our world with an open mind and open heart.
I encourage you to experience these discoveries from a heart of compassion.

I encourage you to let go of what you were ever taught!
Use your discernment to discover what is true for you.
For it is only the experience that is real.
Everything else is an illusion.
There really is no ‘out there’ out there.
All you need, is within each and every one of you.

Love and hugz,

visit Your Strawman .com for a more in-depth exploration

Daily Prompt: continue  hidden  illusion


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