Many Are Feeling the Need to Take a Break from Blogging

I read what so many bloggers write lately….
You want to write but just can’t quite ‘get into it’.

And I just read another post and another…..
Nearly every day, I read of others, having this same sensation.

And I view it as
Synchronicity at its Finest !

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linearity is melding

You write :

  • that time is flying by at an exponential rate
  • you are feeling a whirlwind of life encircle you
  • you feel
    • unbalance
    • uneasy
    • confussion
    • not sure what to write on your blog
    • and a break from writing is needed
    • but you LOVE writing


I have also posted a similar story, of just needing/wanting a break from blogging.

Why are so many of us, feeling the same type of sensation?

There is a simple explanation to all of this.

We are experiencing changes
that we have never, ever
experienced before.

Rest assured that everything is fine. We are simply experiencing our shift in human consciousness. … going from Polarity to Unity. This is new!

We are experiencing the Integration of Dark and Light.

And for the first time, the Light is winning!


Did you read that?
I mean, really read it?

The Light is Winning…. for the FIRST time in our human evolution!

That is HUGE!!!!

Part of what plays into this ‘strange’ sensation of ‘being lost’ is the fact that the Earth’s magnetic grid has shifted.  And it is a grand thing that the magnetic grid shifted when it did. Gaia was simply getting ready for what we all are experiencing now.

Do not take my word for the shift of earth’s magnetic field. Research it for yourself. Learn why the airports needed to ‘re-number’ their runways to prevent collisions.


Granted, the shifting of Earth’s magnetics is a natural and gradual occurrence. However, when the Magnetic Grid shifted back in the early 2000’s, I feel like that was the ‘grand’ shift.

Recall the whales that beach themselves, for no apparent reason? Beaching is not an uncommon thing, when the earth’s magnetics shift. The whales get confused in navigation, because their ancestral highway has been altered. The whales need time to ‘reprogram’ to the changes.

I believe the same is true for flocks of birds who fall from the sky, for no apparent reason.

In the old energy (pre-2012) we had  a ‘bubble of protection’.
That is now passing away and a new kind of energy is replacing it.
This is simple physics.
It is physically happening.

The sun is now being impacted by it.
The sun also has a magnetic field.
It is called a Heliosphere.
The Heliosphere interacts with our magnetic field.

Our magnetic field is what affects our consciousness.

There have been tests done to show what effects the sun has on us.
Our DNA is currently being enabled for expansion, by the sun.

I encourage you to do your own research.
Use your discernment to discover what is true for you.

What I share, is what I have discovered to be true for me.
I continue to explore my world and share my experience.
For it is only the experience that is real.
Everything else is an illusion.
There really is no ‘out there’ out there.
All you need, is within you.


Thanx for reading, commenting and being here,

Daily Prompt: magnetic



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