Branching Out beyond the old…

old  tagline.JPG

Branching Out
exploring the world and sharing my experience

That is this site!

My Branching Out blog.

I have been slacking on ‘sharing my experience’ for a reason.

Why, you may ask?

My tagline is worded wrongly.
This is MY world I am exploring
NOT the world.

What I am discovering is beyond anything I had ever imagined.

Are you ready to read it?
I mean, really!
Are you ready?

I will soon write it and you will decide if you are ready to read it.

One of the grandest things to share with you right now…..

In my explorations, I have confirmed for myself, that there really is no ‘out there’ out there. This short video will give you an insight……

<><><><><><> ~ <><><><><><>

There is only ‘in here’.

Anything ‘out there’ is an illusion….
It is Holographic!

<><><><><><> ~ <><><><><><>

With that said, I am going to be making some changes to this/my blog.
Most people will not even notice that the tagline has already been changed.
And that is okay. It could change again.

I would love to hear your feedback, comments, thoughts, questions, what ever  you may have.

Take care,


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