There is a Deeper History though…

Have you noticed?
There is a tad of a lag in my blog-world activity.

I am around, in a randomated way

Accessing the internet is … what shall I call it?……
It is different, when using an outdated computer.

An hour on the computer,
then shut down and recharge.

Moody and temperamental the old technology can become.

As I have shared with some of you, I am finding a new balance with all of our blogs. I enjoy reading yours posts as much as I do to write my own.

In fact, I recently realized…. I am reading your posts and neglecting my own.
And that is OK! 😀 I am doing what I love and that is very important today.

I have recently met some wonderful bloggers and I look forward to continue reading more of your sharings and getting to know all of you better.

Here’s a deeper history of what’s going on:

My Tinkertoy post introduced you to my talents of designing and creating a customized ‘computer stand’… using materials at hand, with a Tinkertoy mentality. Imagination is so much FUN!

image from internet

My Toothpickology posts were quite informative of my life as a Toothpickology Prodigy and my love of burning toothpicks.

image and design by ren

When you loop back to the Tinkertoy post
and realize I used toothpicks for my stand…

well, needless to say….
I burned the toothpicks,
recycled the tubes.

an early prototype of my ‘computer stand’

As a result, I needed to reconstruct a new computer stand for my netbook to breathe upon.

What  a crazy and fun thing to tailor into my schedule.

And that is ok.

I am a minimalist and prefer to use materials at hand.

I started looking around and spied the perfect option.

lego 100_2476.JPG
Lego’s would be perfect

Not this set though… it has toddler activity during the day.

I kept looking around and found – – –

Inactive Lego’s,
in a happy monkey bag.
Life does not get much better than this!

lego 100_2479.JPG
YAY ! Lego’s I can nab and use

I got busy reconstructing a stand
for my archaic 7 year old Asus netbook.

Using the larger Lego blocks,
I created a wonderful stand.


lego 1 100_2437
side profile


lego 1100_2463
front view with ruler for sizing

My netbook is designed for surfing the Inter-net … netbook…. get it?
So clever of Asus.
I operate on Windows XP.

And here is another grand stand,
not to be confused with a grandstand,
created with the smaller Lego’s.


lego 2 100_2515
frontal view


lego 2 100_2518
designed to keep an eye on my netbook

After putting both to the test,
the large block design won the endurance test.

I will be around…. Please be patient with me. 🙂

Dolphin Grins to all of you,

Daily Prompt – tailor


  1. Hi Ren. I can really relate to what you said here “I am around, in a randomated way” I wish I could spend more time posting and reading blogs. But here I am, popping in and out of writing and reading in this blogosphere.

    I went through the tinkertoy and toothpick posts… and it made me feel nostalgic. In a good way. I love how kids used to play with all the simpler things before.

    I followed your blog because of how unique you are, and even as I read through any post you have… I am still amazed by how distinct your writing style is from others I know. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! Thanx Liz! I really appreciate how you feel about my writing style.
      I think of you often… knowing that you are getting through the things you need to get thru….. in order to balance again and be ready for the next change in life, which creates a new experience to be had.
      Change is the only constant.
      Only the Experience is what’s real.
      I will stop by your blog soonly. Thanx for visiting… have enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

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