A Calling in the Night

I awoke to the sound …


Yip, yip, yowl,yap, yip…yip, yip, yowl, yap, yip over and over.

The  volume of its vocals, was very loud….the coyote was nearby.

I grabbed my camera and recorded the sound from my upstairs bedroom window.

Yip, yip, yowl,yap, yip…yip over and over it would call out.

There was only one.

And then – from far, far away…the same call could be faintly heard, and everything fell silent…. listening. The distant call repeated a few times and went silent. Immediately, the one near me, started back in with it’s repeated yips ‘n yowls.

it sounded it the night

There seems to be a lot of coyotes in the neighborhood. Recently had one trotting through the neighborhood early one morning. I have often heard the coyote calls at night, since arriving in southern California, six months ago.

We had our share of coyote in Michigan. Especially up north, they could be heard at night as they yipped and howled away.

Yet, even in the western MI area, there were often warnings issued for keeping your pets on lead and young children nearby.  Coyotes were seen in the area and pets were being snatched as easy prey.

It has been said… and people I know had witnessed;

as the coyotes would remain hidden at the edge of their property and send their young pups into the yard.

This behavior was believed “to ‘lure’ pets and perhaps small children to the outer yard boundaries.” There, the pack was waiting to snatch the victim as it neared the hideout.

I went downstairs, opened the back patio door and step out to record the sound. It is much louder here.

Camera battery is getting low.
Off it goes.

I went indoor and am now at the front door, going outside.
This IS where the sound is coming from.

I walk down the steps, to the driveway.
A few steps towards the road and I stop.

Yip, yip, yowl,yap, yip…yip  over and over. I turn on the camera and record the sound, for it  is too dark to see. The coyote is about ten feet ahead of me, on the road.

<~>~<~>~<~>     <~>~<~>~<~>

<~>~<~>~<~>     <~>~<~>~<~>

There is only one dog in the area barking. It is protesting from far away. Normally the whole neighborhood of dogs would be barking away. I find that to be very odd.

I continue recording the call. It hasn’t missed a beat, as if it was oblivious to my presence.

Camera battery is about to die.

I turn off the camera and go inside.

Soonly, the sound drifted off. Along the mountainside it did taper, fading into the night, the yips and yowls could be heard no more.

All went back to how it was before…..

Thank you for reading,

Daily Prompts: Volume & Taper & Distant

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