Lil’ Liz and the Meld * 2 of 2

continued from Lil’ Liz and the Meld * 1 of 2

Daily Prompts:
exposed relieved illusion
cringe scamper
 trace  final

<> < <><>~~ ~~<><<><><<><<>~~ ~<>< >

I was heading out the front door, to check on Lil’ Liz……….

I opened the door, looked down and had to cringe.
My heart sank when I saw her.

I was saddened.

It looked like she might have gotten in the way during the excitement of the family’s departure.

Maybe she was exposed too long
to the southern California heat
without any water.

Why did I not think
to bring water to her earlier?

Poor Lil’ Liz.

8 nap 100_1908.JPG
Lil’ Liz…..

No longer did she hold her head or stand on her little legs. Now she just lay there, somewhat flattened to the ground.

Wait! Maybe it was an illusion !

I know! She was just resting! (now I felt like a kid, innocently denying death) When I was visiting with her before, she never showed any sign of fear towards me. Never flinched or tried to scamper away.

She had to be okay!

She must have utilized her innate self and was tucked safely against the door stoop, where it was cooler.

Once again,
I placed my hand nearby to show
how tiny she was.

See how my fingertip is touching
the edge of the stoop?
It is not very tall
and she does not
even come close to it!

9 nap hand 100_1909.JPG
Lil’ Liz taking a siesta

I will let her “rest” … check on her later.  I went inside and shut the door.

Evening arrived and I was still home alone.  It had gotten much cooler outside. I went downstairs to check on Lil’ Liz one final time before sundown.

I was relieved to find her
several feet from the door.

She looked perky again,
standing there… looking at me (?)

Looking @ me ?


She was waiting for me.


I pulled a pen from my back pocket
and set it next to her .
Was a fun day,
Lil’ Liz.

thank you

10 pen 100_1939.JPG
Lil’ Liz had never seen a pen before

The next day, I went out to peek on Lil’ Liz and there was no trace of her to be found.

Several days later, the mom told me that they found Lil’ Liz inside on the next day. After a couple attempts, they were able to catch Lil’ Liz and take her back outside. Perhaps because she was in a house and not her own ‘turf’, is why she was running from them. Or perhaps a slew of other possibilities. It really does not matter.

I like to think she did not flee from me because Lil’ Liz and I connected. We sensed that we were one. Or perhaps a slew of other possibilities. It really does not matter.

Thank you for meeting Lil’ Liz,


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    • LOL… sorry ’bout that. We have had many reptiles enter our home this summer. So far, no casualties. Thank you much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.
      I will visit your blog now…… thanx for finding me 😀


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