Lil’ Liz and the Meld * 1 of 2

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<> < <><>~~ ~~<><<><

><<><<>~~ ~<>< >

Must have been one of them ‘inner nudges’
as to why I left my room.

I don’t recall.

As I walked over, to the top of the stairs, I could tell the downstairs front door was open. We often do that, to allow the crisp morning air in.

Sure enough, as I reached the balcony railing, I could spy the wide open door and the wonderful chalk art outside.

I hurried back to my room
to grab my camera.
What a cool image
from way up here.

I raised the camera, knowing it was sunny out and snapped the shot. I glimpsed the preview of a washed out image. I was going to need to go down there for this picture. It would not be as awesome as from up above, with the door framing the art…. that was okay!

Being downstairs at the open door,
really did allowed for a better shot.

2 sun 2 100_1891.JPG
chalk art outside the door

After I took my picture, I got a strange feeling that I was being watched. Ever have that sensation, only to look around and discover, you WERE being stared at? That is what I was sensing and yet, I knew I was alone.

Something compelled me to look downward.

That is when I understood the synchronicity
of why I was down here…..
and I said, thank you!
for introducing me to Lil’ Liz.

5 meet 100_1894.JPG
my encounter with Lil’ Liz

She was one of the smallest lizards to date.
She was just standing there, staring up at me.

I slowly placed my hand near her,
for size comparison.
I did not want to scare her.

7 meet hand 100_1900.JPG
see how small Lil’ Liz is

I was taking pictures of Lil’ Liz, when the family came home. The mom came walking up with her newborn. I showed her my new little friend and she too was amazed at how small it was.

She went back out to bring her toddler in. They entered from the back door, so as not to disturb the lizard.

Her toddler is still learning to be gentle
and a small lizard is not an ideal subject
for dexterity practice.

6 100_1903.JPG
Lil’ Liz during a visit

I shut the door, leaving Lil’ Liz to enjoy her day.

The family soon left, for another fun filled adventure.

Many hours later, I went down to check on Lil’ Liz.
I did not expect her to be anywhere around.

What I discovered, took my breath away…..

to be continued tomorrow,





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