I was a Toothpickology Child Prodigy (part one)

Daily Prompt: puncture & meddle

Do you ever buy toothpicks?
They can be difficult to find in the store.
Usually kept with the wooden matches.

Do you ever buy wooden matches?
They can be difficult to find in the store.
Usually kept with the plastic cutlery.

Do you ever buy plastic cutlery?
They can be difficult to find in the store.
Usually kept with the paper plates.

Do you ever buy paper plates?
They are usually easy to find in the store.
Usually kept with the paper goods.

I am not here to talk about paper plates, plastic cutlery or wooden matches.

I want to talk about toothpicks. They usually live on the top shelf at the store.

photo by ren

Toothpicks have changed over the years.

How do I know?

I am a toothpick connoisseur with over half a century experience.

I was a toothpickology child prodigy in my younger days.

My parents were awesome! They let us kids do a lot of cool things experimentation’s. They did not meddle. We were supervised, allowed to get hurt but not harmed. We were taught to respect that which could harm us. We had been embedded with common sense practicality.


photo by ren

Have you ever burned a toothpick?  

Purposely set it to flame, just to blow it out and watch the red-hot toothpick, as it dances-a-glow and slowly withers away into grayish/white toothpick ash.

Be ever so careful! As the flame gets close to your fingers, it will get very hot. If you do not stop the fire in time, you will get burned. We always kept a bowl of water nearby.

How fascinating it was to burn the toothpicks.

When I blew out the flame, the stick remained glowing red hot.  As the burnt toothpick cooled, it slowly flickered like the glowing ember it was.

Always from the outer tip, down, the ash appeared as the toothpick cooled. Slowly it morphed and sometimes fast, it raced to the base of the chard toothpick. Then a quick flick of red heat and it would be gone. No longer would it burn me.

And yet, the ghost of the burned toothpick remained in the silhouette of ash

The scent…. the smell of a burning toothpick is like a wisp of smoke, from a fairy’s camp fire. I recall saying to myself, “Did I just smell burning wood?”

to be continued Part Two

thanx for reading,




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