Worry Feeds FEAR & Diminishes LOVE

worry 100_9152.JPG
renagain original

I am a person who once was a grand worrier. Ask my kids or anyone who knew me ten years ago. I was queen of worry !

When I would worry, I would feel panicked and out of control.

I have since discovered that ‘worry’ does not do much good.

  • Worry brings on stress and we all know what stress does to a body. This is probably the most critical factor for not worrying.
  • Worry tends to magnify the situation, making things appear worse than they really are.
  • Worry does not help anyone, not even the person you worry about. In fact, chances are, you will do a person much better, if you do not worry. Instead, envision all the wonderful positive possibilities and let your imagination play there.

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Daily Prompts: panicked & control

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