Speak Your Desires Through Your Heart & Not Your Brain

Before our shift of human consciousness (pre-2012), it was more true to say, “What you think about, you bring about.”

Our thought did create our reality.

Today, (post-2012) we are literally in a new place in space. It goes much deeper than just the mere words that we speak.

Now, it is more of the ‘feeling’ behind what you say, that brings about change and much quicker, I may add.

This is why it is so important to know what you want and to hold it in your heart, without expectation.

  • Speak your desires through your heart
  • Know that you deserve the things you desire
  • Feel it with all you have
  • Fall in love with what you want
  • Claim it!
  • Own it!

~>  >~>~>~ >~>~>     ~<~<~ <~  <~<~<  ~<~<  ~<~ <~

renagain original

Allow your heart to become aglow
with the feeling of what you say.
Feel the Passion

That is when you start to bring about the change you truly want and deserve.
That is when things really start moving, shifting and changing.

And while you are at it…. go ahead and speak to everyone, through your heart of love and compassion.

Be part of  change as we propel forward in our paradise on Earth

Thank you for reading,



  1. Thank you so much Ren! This puts into words perfectly what I have been feeling, but unable to speak. Like, I knew there was a big shift from the usual ‘Law of Attraction’ philosophy of what you think about comes about. Adding the heart energy is absolutely what has changed, and what is new, that we need to incorporate. Brilliant! ❤

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