Do You Know Who Rusty Is ?

“OK”, I said to meself, “let’s go!”

I stopped working and headed for the stairs.


going downstairs because my gut told me to

I have learned to take action, without having expectation, when I get any kind of nudge from within.

Have been doing this for several years now. This has become my new normal.

You should try it

renagain original

As I started going down the spiral stone steps, I silently chuckled and asked myself,

“So….why am I going downstairs?”
(pause a moment)
“Oh yeah, I’ll find out when I get there.”

That is how it usually goes. I get a whim to ”do” whatever and I go ”do” whatever.

  • No hesitations
  • No expectations
  • No questions

I just follow the feeling of what I should be doing.
It is internal.
Anyone can do this.

Like with most things, the more you do it, the easier and more “normal” it becomes.

And as I rounded the bend of the spiral stairs, I stopped and stared in amazement. There, on the living room floor, was the child’s new toy. One that I had not seen yet. It was not the type of toy, that the toddler here would play with.

I continued down the steps, staring at the misfit toy and stopped abruptly!

Did that toy just move?

I became motionless as I observed the new toy… for more movement. Or were my eyes playing tricks?

Nope, no trick!

That is NOT a toy!

That is a lizard! One that I have not yet seen around here and the largest one to date. From nose to tail, (its tail was very long) I’d wager it was an easy 12″. All our other lizards are small, less than 6″ long.

I have written of what a lizard joke is like and my adventures with racing a lizard.

The lizard was rusty orange-ish color and looked just like a rubber toy on the floor.

I grabbed the towel by the water cooler {toddler is learning to NOT play with the water spigots} and placed it over the lizard.

As I gently felt for the lizard’s location, it scurried out from underneath the towel and into the open. It’s little legs were spinning on our slippery floor, causing it great difficulty in running away. Looked like a cartoon character.

It could not run away, so it turned towards me, whipped its tail and froze in a U formation.


I placed the towel over the lizard, quickly found its body, gently rolled it up in the towel, set it outside the door and ran upstairs to get my camera.


Very carefully, I unwrapped the towel to expose the toy impostor. I quickly aimed my camera and started shooting. Before I knew it, he quickly ran into the bushes.

><><><><><><   ><><><><><><

I do not know who he is – I will call him Rusty

><><><><><><   ><><><><><><

Wish I had time to get more images and a better size comparison of this lizard.

We do not know what kind it is.

S/He was not the first and I am sure won’t be the last lizard to venture into our home.

Do you know who Rusty is?

Thank you for reading,


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