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Daily Prompt: Bottle & Create & Total

When my kids were in grade school, we would surprise the teacher with a flower arrangement.

We started by making sure we had a bottle to put the flowers in. Any ole plastic pop or water bottle would work.  We would decorate the bottle with foil, tissue paper, anything we had laying around, that would hide the bottle and create a beautiful flower display.

Then we would go for a nature walk and gather ‘flowers’ in the fall or even in the dead of winter, when everything had browned and died off. You would be amazed at all the wonderful dormant colors there are for a dried flower arrangement.

Once we were satisfied with our selection, we took them home, put them into the decorated bottles. We would put pebbles in the bottle for weight and securing the stems upright.

When the kids took the ‘vase of flowers’ to school, the teacher would be in total  awe of the offering.

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  1. I recall as a kid taking leaves off the ground in fall and pressing them in between two sheets of wax paper (which you’d be hard pressed to even find today! Pun intended. Those were either kept, given to Mom, or to the teacher. 🙂 Fond memories. I love the idea of a vase like you describe full of flowers. 🙂

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    • Thanx for sharing your fond memory. I love it !
      I recall doing the same thing as a child. I had forgotten about that. thanx 😀

      When I lived in Michigan, we could still buy wax paper. Was either high up or very low shelf. Not a popular item.

      And….what about an iron?
      Do many people own an iron today?
      I do not.


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