Lizard’s mail run : Brassy Buff Relieved . Daily Prompts

Daily Prompts: relieved & brassy & buff

I am becoming more accustomed to seeing the little lizards run all over the place, here in southern Cali. So many times they ‘run’ from me, directly under foot and nearly get stepped on. We are working it all out… I am relieved !

The other day, walking back from getting the mail, I was climbing the steps up to the ‘patio’.  I glimpsed movement to my right.  Sure enough, it was Eenuff the Lizard, atop the side-wall of the steps.


meeting of the minds – even though a lizard brain is tiny

He was challenging me to a race.
He was quite brassy for a little lizard!

I took two steps up and Eenuff
soon had enough,
as he scurried up, down, up, down
the waves of rounded brick tops.


Eenuff had quite a race ahead of him


I stopped.

Eenuff stopped and did his lizard push-ups.
Jokingly, a friend calls that a Buff Lizard.
I explained the benefits of being a biped,
then headed up the steps,
leaving Eenuff, well behind.

Thank you for reading and
I love your comments,


2 thoughts on “Lizard’s mail run : Brassy Buff Relieved . Daily Prompts

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