Wanna Read a lil’ Lizard Joke ?

Having lizards in the yard is a new experience for this Michigander.

As spring sprung here in southern California, the lizards started appearing. I was surprised and fascinated by them.

Still am!

Several makes and models…varieties and breeds. So far, all have been small, except for a smooth skinned chap, who walked past the back door. Appeared to have a blue underneath to it and was easily a foot long from head to tip of tail. Fairly smooth skinned. Most lizards I have seen are quite small….. rough looking skin. If it is called…. skin.

The best part is…. they are either starting to accept me and visit more, or the heat is making them slow to respond.  Most times, when I am sitting outdoors, a lizard will happen by. They stop and visit now, rather than being spooked away.

They seem to enjoy the insects. Perhaps they will guard the garden of pests.

Like I said, we are becoming accustomed to each other’s company.

I share some of my wild and crazy adventures with them. They seem interested.


sharing a joke with me

These lizards and I chat and visit quite regular like, outside.  They love to tell jokes.

Here is one of their favorites:

“How many humans does it take to get a lizard out of the house?”

“Give Up?”

“It does not matter, cuz when they release us, we can play dead!”

See what I mean?  I don’t get it!

They laugh a lot over that joke. All of ’em! Almost all.

I tend to giggle, because watching a little lizard laugh, is quite humorous.

Thanx for reading,



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