my Paragon Daily Prompt-ual moment

My father named me after the bird, Wren.
He left the ‘W’ off for my name, Ren.

Wren wrapping paper

Growing up in a farming community,
during the 1960’s,
with a ‘unique’ name,
was quite the experience.
Uncommon names were… uncommon then.

Having the name Ren,
prevented me from ever owning a license plate,
for my bicycle…..

As I entered into adulthood, I began various collections.
Buttons, wood thread spools, salt & pepper shakers, owls, etc.
And I collected Wrens, for I had to collect my namesake too.

Finding Wrens over the years has become quite challenging.
I enjoy finding them in real life, rather than on the internet.
I have bought Wrens from the internet and was quite disappointed.
So I keep my eye out for Wrens, every place I go.

Before I left Michigan, I had stopped into my favorite Rock Shop.
At the time, I did not know I was leaving.
They were preparing to close for the winter season.
In humor, I told the owner I would be back in the Spring,
to pick up my Wren Stone cutting.

Soon after arriving to southern California,
I received a package in the mail.
Inside, I found a Wren cut from a Petoskey Stone.
This wonderful fossil has become the
paragon of my wren collection.


my paragon – Petoskey Stone Wren

Thank you for reading,


  1. Thanx!
    Yep! I was named after a tiny little bird here in America called a Wren. I was born prematurely and was very tiny. Wrens do not really wear a scarf, like in the picture of Wren wrapping paper. 😀


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