Psycho-Cybernetics ~^~ How is Your “Self Image” these days?


The original science of
written by
Dr. Maxwell Maltz.
He popularized the term,
“Self Image”

What is Cybernetics

Cybernetics is a helmsman.
Someone who steers the ship to port.

Steering your mind to a productive, useful goal –
– so you too can reach port.

Your port is Peace of Mind.


renagain original

Dr. Maxwell Maltz
1889 – 1975
Was a cosmetic surgeon from America.
Created Psycho Cybernetics in 1960

For nearly 60 years, Maxwell Maltz has been one of the most important and renowned authors in the psychology field.

Have you ever heard of Maxwell Maltz?

He has fathered several books including his bestseller, Psycho-Cybernetics ~ over 30 million copies sold.

He was a brilliant plastic surgeon, having studied in Europe and practiced in New York City, in the early 1900’s. (a hundred-ish years ago) He was also a renowned professor and lecturer, world wide.  Dr. Maltz was a reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgeon with a flourishing practice.

He also was a prolific author.

Dr. Maltz observed and was surprised that his patients were still unhappy and insecure, after receiving the perfect faces that they so desired. He wrote about it in his book, “New Faces, New Futures”.

Maltz suggested that:

“…many people ‘see themselves’ inaccurately,
their perceptions distorted
by unchallenged and
often erroneous beliefs
embedded into the subconscious mind.”

~ A Biography Maxwell Maltz

After a decade of extensive research, Dr. Maltz published his findings in the original Psycho-Cybernetics in 1960. It became an instant bestseller and kept Dr. Maltz in demand through the early 1970’s.

Maxwell Maltz’s principles of Psycho-Cybernetics has enhanced the lives of tens of millions of people on this planet.

Dr. Maxwell Malts has “invented a …

simple step-by-step program
that will help you to
replace a negative self-image
positive affirmations
of empowerment.


I became aware of Psycho-Cybernetics nearly ten years ago. I introduced it to a  teenager I knew. He has since grown into a fine young man, who I proudly call, son.

Just recently, I have discovered, that he has listened to Psycho-Cybernetics over the years. In fact, to this day, he keeps a copy of the 6 hour recording (cut to three-2 hour segments) on his phone.. Over the years, it has kind of become his ‘bible’. He nearly knows it by heart.

And now I have a copy on my mp3 player.

Thank you for reading,

Bio of Maxwell Maltz
various random google searches


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