Do I Ramble or Are you Following me?

What happened the other day was
‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’!

smiley joe
photo by ren -“Wait a moment! Say what???”

You are right, Mr. Camel !
That is an old saying.
I am not sure what it really means.
Sounds like a rather, rude, saying.
No harm intended.
I would not do anything to hurt your back, Mr. Camel.
Forgive me, please.

Speaking of old sayings….

About a year or so ago,
I made a conscious choice
to omit ‘old sayings’
from my vocabulary.
Many of them have become non-nonsensical
with the paradigm shift

>~^_<~ ~>_^~

Is Everything NEW ?

>~^_<~ ~>_^~

I do not believe that EVERYTHING is NEW…
I believe we are just seeing the world for the first time,
through our ‘conscious-shifting’ eyes.

I believe the best is yet to be seen!

Thank you,


One comment

  1. Reblogged this on Branching Out and commented:


    I recently was playing with some friends, and topic turned to the importance ‘today’ to BE mindful/conscious of our chosen speech/words.

    I would like to share this RE-POST with you all, of what has worked for me. Sometimes I still DO speak from the language of our past. And if I DO say an old phrase, I can then re-evaluate it and choose to let it go or not.

    While playing Conscious Conversations with my friends, I stated that something ‘Happened Out of the Blue’.

    And I hadn’t noticed it, until another friend spoke up and showed me. 😀

    Thank you to all you wonderful friends, who love playing, in our New Normal.

    And thank you Sheila for providing a central playground for us to gather at and have conscious conversations.

    ~ ren


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