my 2017 Major Goals : May/June Update

On the last day of December, 2016,  in conjunction with a fellow blogger, I chose to create, commit and execute “3 Major Goals for 2017”

This is my recent update !

My 3 Goals:

  1. relocate
  2. complete my written ‘mini series’
  3. create residual income

Goal #1 relocate:

After exploring this goal at many levels, I have decided I am not relocating as immediately as I had thought.  The living arrangement I am in, has melded into a  wonderful fit for everyone.

Arriving in southern California, early December 2016, we had no place to live. My son placed an ad in the local listings for our housing desires.  A wonderful couple with a toddler responded, taking us into their home.

Their second child was due in May and arrived right on time. The siblings are figuring it all out. In fact, the 18 month old has learned to mimic younger sibling’s cry so perfectly, the mom cannot tell them apart.

I remain here as I continue generating my incomes, creating an easier transition to my own home.

Goal #2 complete my written ‘mini-series’:

You will find that mini-series categorized as, “Riding the 2012 Wave”.  It is my writings of the  experience I am having right now, that started in 2012.  I left my comfort zone and ventured out into the world. I chose to stop talking about living-outside-the-box and actually started living-outside-the-box!

I had 20-some posts scheduled; a nice cushion of pre-writes, I thought.  I fathomed I could simply keep generating more scheduled posts and stay ahead of the game.  It would all balance out in the end.

Or maybe this is not the end.
It worked for a while. Then my world shifted, I took on more of life’s adventures., one being that of another blog.  Some of you have visited and now me there and I thank you. I will leave a link below and would love to have all of you check it out.

Goal #3 create residual income:

I have am doing that now! As most of you know, I have started fulfilling my dream, my passion of helping others with QUALITY hemp based products.

All along I had fathomed I would need to create my own products, to ensure the quality I expected in my products.

Here, in my new back yard, I find and become a founding member to  a new and fast growing Hemp based company.

We use only the stalk, stem or seed of the mature Industrial Hemp plant, yet we are categorized as a Cannabis company. The most controversial industry today.  We are growing quickly and we want to Protect the House and be compliant. This company will be here a long, long time.


renagain original

We are an AHO company.
Adaptogenic Hemp Oil and Adaptogenic Herbs
We have phytocannabinoids and a proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids. We have Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Origin. I feel safe about these products and we can ship to all 50 states.

In summary of my 3 goals:

  1. relocate
  2. complete my written ‘mini series’
  3. create residual income

1. I am putting “relocate” on hold for now.  I will move into my own home one day. It is not a priority for me right now.

2.. I will keep publishing posts for the 2012 Wave. I have it mapped out and know where it will loop and tie into my present day living.

3. I was elated to see how quickly I was able to start creating my residual income. This is just a beginning. I have other streams of income to activate. One step at a time.

renagain original

Thank you for reading,


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