Year 2 ~ Proud of Me & Thank You !

Here it is, June and I am wondering, what happened to April?

One year ago today, I published my first post. I was a green newbie. I had no idea of how to maneuver around a blog. To top it off, I was skeptical of blogging. I had tried to blog some four years prior and found that it was not for me. Was way too difficult, I did not want to waste my time, blah, blah, blah.

I joined WordPress on June 1 and it took me till the 3rd to publish my first post


Proud of me!!

Those days seem so long ago.

The bottom line, I took off my blinders and entered the world of blogging with an open mind and heart.
I plundered forward making many mistakes and learning from them.
I had no idea where it would lead to or if I would stay with it.

lifeunnamed (1).jpg

So what was my first year like?

It has led to meeting some wonderful people and making fantastic friends.

It has led to creating a second blog.

It has led to learning a lot of things about blogging and site building.

It has led to me still having a LOT to learn in the blogging world.

I am grateful I took that step one year ago.

Thank you for joining me.



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