…when life steps in

When life steps in, it can sometimes take my breath away. And that is a good thing! For, without life, we cannot inhabit this human body. And when the breath is taken away…. well, you can imagine that scenario for yourselves…..

What a crazy way to start a post. Did it even make sense?
That is what life sometime causes me to feel… all mixed up, not knowing which way is up or down and gasping for air.

That is when I stop and remind myself……


listen to the Frog !

I am stopping in to let everyone know
that I did not fall off the face of the Earth.
Is that even possible?
Don’t know.
Don’t want to try it.
Sounds scary!

I am accustomed to posting once a day. I look forward to returning to that.

In my current life-balancing escapade, I am diligently reading your past posts, as I continue to play the game of “catch up and balance”.

However, as I was organizing my inbox of the days and weeks of your New Posts, something went awry and Poof, they were gone. I did not find them in the trash….. they may have flown to another folder. Where ever they are, I am befuddled and at a loss for catching up with reading your posts. There are so many of you whom I enjoy reading.

My moments on the computer are becoming limited as I type away on this seven year old, Windows XP netbook. Not a notebook! A netbook.  Basically designed to surf the net and not much more. The challenges of using an outdated piece of equipment are many, as you can fathom.

  • No longer is it ‘supported’ by Microsoft.
  • I am unable to update anything.
  • Takes minutes for things to load, if I allow it to finish.
  • Videos are nearly impossible to view.
  • The fan stopped some time ago.
  • And I could go on….

To keep my ancient computer from overheating, I shut down whenever I need to recharge. This allows me about 90 minutes of use before a recharge is needed. What  a crazy thing to work into my schedule. And it is all for a good reason….. one day I will know the reason.

a lone key in a huge parking lot – what could be the reason?

I am at the onset of developing my Industrial Hemp venture. As you can imagine, the start up of anything can be quite time consuming.

And that leads into my other blog I started, for the Hemp. Many of you have visited  and now follow me there and I really appreciate that. I do not believe I have officially announced the other site, on this one. Maybe one day…. unless I did and forgot…. You can get there by going to Hempren.com

And then I have all the other aspects of life to juggle, like so many of us do. I am just working out my balance in life right now.

I look forward to returning to my routine posting….it will happen sooner than later.

Thank you for your support,


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