the Atacama Mystery; a six-inch, 6 – 8 year old Humanoid


atacama mystery.JPG

The humanoid was first discovered in 2003 in the remote Atacama desert region of Chile. Dr. Steven Greer did not learn of the existence of the specimen until 2009, when invited to examine the mummy-like remains of the humanoid in Barcelona Spain. In the summer of 2012, the President of Instituto de Investigaciones y Estudios Exobiológicos graciously permitted Dr. Greer’s team to do further tests on the humanoid.

Dr. Greer’s team obtained excellent DNA material by surgically dissecting the distal ends of two right anterior ribs on the humanoid. These clearly contained bone marrow material, as was seen on the dissecting microscope that was brought in for the procedure.

Atacama Humanoid is 6 inches long

The Atacama Humanoid is a 13 centimeter, or 6 inch, body that is very desiccated but completely intact. The CAT scan clearly shows internal chest organs (lungs and what appears to be the remains of a heart structure).  There is absolutely no doubt that the specimen is an actual organism and that it is not a hoax of any kind. This fact has been confirmed!

Atacama Humanoid

The specimen has only 10 ribs, a finding not yet found in humans, and a very unusual cranium.

The bones are quite well developed and are NOT those of a fetus.

Human fetus (2 months old)
Atacama Humanoid

There are multiple skeletal anomalies seen throughout the specimen. Importantly a mature, not fetal, tooth is seen in the mandible (jaw bone) A fracture of the right humerus (upper arm) is seen as is a concave fracture of the right posterior-lateral skull, which was most likely the cause of death.

Atacama Humanoid

Importantly, Dr. Lachman has concluded that the humanoid’s appearance is NOT the result of any known deformity, genetic defect, skeletal dysplasia or any other known human abnormality. However, the most startling conclusion to date (04.22.12) is that Dr. Lachman concluded the humanoid lived to be 6- 8 years of age. This was assessed by examining the epiphyseal plates in the knees and comparing these to normal humans of various ages.

He noted that there is no known form of human dwarfism that has this presentation and set of findings. No human has been known to be able to live for 6-8 years and remain only 6 inches in length.

Atacama Humanoid

Painstaking and expert DNA extraction was done by Dr. Nolan at Stanford University. A very high quality and quantity of DNA was successfully extracted and analyzed.

The mystery is further compounded by the reports from Ramon Navia-Osorio Villar and his associates who traveled to the region and obtained information from local native peoples of sightings of UFOs and very small living creatures fitting the general description of this humanoid. There are also reports that other intact humanoids may be stored in various remote sites and locations.

The Atacama Humanoid video


To view the CAT scan, read full reports and gain further information on the Atacama Android, visit

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    • Thanx for reading and taking it in. It is very true. I have followed Dr. Greer for a long time and I trust what he shares with us and I fully believe in his Disclosure Movement.
      The more we look, the more we see.


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