living in a new town… hours away from ‘comfortable’ : 2012 wave #30

This post is in continuance of 2012 wave #27


Sammy cat, the neighborhood stray. He eventually made us his home

My two young children and I were new to town.  We were nearly 2 hours away from ‘familiar’. This was our fresh start in life.

Our family friend, Dean, helped us with this new beginning. Now he was nearly 100 miles away, missing us dearly. The feeling was mutual. (I bet Dean is grateful to be rid of the bunch of you, chirped in ego)

I chose this town because of its zero unemployment rate. Finding a job, would not be hard. Employers were becoming creative with their employee ‘benefits’. They had to! With so many jobs, people could be choosy with where they worked.

we were far away from what we knew

I snagged a job in no time, working the dining room of a retirement home. This became a blend or meld of my prior years working geriatrics and then in food service.

I chose this job, due to its flexibility to work around my children’s school schedule. We would have the same days off AND I could take the summer off and come back in the fall, when school started up again. (you are sooooo gullible, grumped ego)

It was a perfect fit and that is where I met Sarah.


Heath first set of pics 019.jpg
Woo  Hoo ! Let’s celebrate our new beginning

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you simply felt ‘right at home’ in their presence? As if you had always known them? That is how it was with Sarah and I. We met on the job. 1998. (you better watch out! She could take you down the wrong road, implied ego)

Sarah hired in the day before I did. Sarah was a big gal. Not fat at all… just really tall and built accordingly. She reminded me of a giant.. And people mistook her size for the ‘go-to-person’ when physical tasks were needed.

For example… the job used a dispenser for milk, in which we had to lift a huge plastic bag, full of milk (nicknamed: the cow), up and into the machine, then hook up the ‘udder’ for ‘milking’. We all struggled with the task.  In short time, workers would call Sarah over to lift the cow. She was tall and built for such work. And dear sweet Sarah never refused to help. But Sarah had a secret and I was about to become her confidante.

Copy of tp holder.jpg
I was about to learn Sarah’s secret

to be continued…

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