Things are called SMART, so you will want them! Don’t be FOOLed.

At this time last year, I was experiencing the onset of a living hell.
Many of you experienced this with me.

Bless those of you who helped me through those trying months. Your words, thoughts, prayers… the overall support, helped me immensely! I send you a heartfelt thank you! You will probably never really know what I truly went through. I pray you NEVER do!

To my new readers, I have  those posts categorized in, my EHS experience.
EHS is Electrical HyperSensitivity. That is what I developed after living with a Smart Meter. Discover why I am susceptible to the dirty electricity and why you are not.


What is a Smart Meter?

You know…. it’s that electrical meter on your house,
which measures your electrical use.
Every house, building and complex has them.
You are all on the grid!

All meters are being replaced with a Smart Meter,
so nobody needs to come read your meter anymore. (BIG LIE)

this is the Smart Meter that was on the old farmhouse

How do I know if they changed my meter?

Good question, ‘cuz you won’t always know that they changed your meter. They are quite sneaky about it.
The easiest way to tell if you have a Smart Meter, is at night.
Go look at your meter, from a distance. You really do not want to be close to a Smart Meter, due to the dirty electricity (radiation) it emits

You cannot understand that, until you have felt / experienced it.
I pray you NEVER do!

A Smart Meter has a red pulsing light which is very noticeable at night.
Take a walk at night and count how many Smart Meters are in your neighborhood. You could be amazed!

How do I get my old meter back?

I believe that every State is different.
In Michigan, my son called the electric company and requested a non-Smart meter. It became a battle! The bill was in his name, is why he took care of it.

REMEMBER: They WANT you to have the Smart Meter!

His request got lost, buried, delayed, ignored
and yet he persisted!
After many weeks, it finally got changed.

Cost over $100 for the new meter.
Monthly $10 fee to have someone read the meter.

non smart meter 100_9387.JPG
non-smart meter

Why bother getting the Smart Meter removed?

It is a personal choice.
This is why I did!

In brief, I had just moved from northern Michigan (Traverse City area), down to the Holland/Grand Rapids area, May 2016. My son, Heath, had recently rented an old farmhouse and I went to live with him for a while.

Our plan was to be roommates and consolidate expenses, while generating our residual incomes. Then we could each move on in life, comfortably! We knew we could be roommates, we had many years of prior experience.

I had been aware of the hazards of Smart Meters since 2013. In my research of moving to my son’s, I saw that the farmhouse had a Smart Meter.

I chose to ignore the dangers I was aware of.
I mean, come on, that kind of stuff happens to others…. I will be fine!

And I moved…..

It was a large 2-story 100+ year old farmhouse, dwarfed by the ancient pine to the right. What I thought would be a magical home, became ominous, in no time at all

Within weeks of moving into the farmhouse:

The headache/pressure was debilitating.
The noises in the sky atmosphere, were disturbingly loud.
My body became itchy. I developed a rash and horrible open welts.
I loss my appetite, could not eat and dropped 30 pounds in 3 months.

this itching & burning rash consumed my body. It felt like hot fiberglass.  I bruised abnormally easy, as you can see on the back of my right arm


My heart was afraid and out of control. I felt as if I was in a form of ‘electromagnetic-mind-control’.  It is VERY hard to explain. I know what I felt!

Read more about it in my post Self-Trust! The importance OF:


depicts the welts and excessive swelling


That experience, was the catalyst that helped me to leave Michigan last year.
My gut was telling me to go West.
So my son and I left Michigan and went west!
You can explore that adventure in my category: our travels westward

I encourage ALL of you to do your homework on the hazards of the Smart Meter.
Consider having your Smart Meter replaced with a non-Smart Meter.
Learn how you can protect yourself from having a Smart Meter.
Why did the UK ban the Smart Meter?

Please view this short Smart Meter video.
Knowledge is Power!



Keep in mind, I can FEEL, what most of you are unaware of.
I beg you to do your homework on the Smart Meter.
Use your discernment and do what is best for you.
….and what about your Smart Phone?

Thank you for reading,



  1. We have smart meters in the UK, but not one lie that. These are our smart meters:

    The link will take you to British Gas, but where ever we are in the UK and which ever company we have, these what are slowly being rolled out. We have a choice thought whether we want them. I am choosing not to have one, because one, they use electric to work, so it is something that is one that I would not leave on if it was like my computer for example. It may not use much, but it still does, so in my eyes I am using energy that I would not have used before. But i also wonder just how reliable they are in the long run when it comes to giving out readings automatically.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the input of UK and their meters. After MY experience…. and even though they may say your Smart Meters are safe….. I am ever so grateful you are refusing it. What you say of it using electricity, makes a lot of ‘Cents’, that you would have to pay.
      I could feel the pulsation of our meter ‘giving out readings’. To go beyond the meter, I could feel in my body, when the neighborhood woke up and started plugging in and using more energy. Very uncomfortable. It would wake me. And there was really, no escape, except to sit on the earth and ground myself.
      All is well now! I have learned to ‘combat’ it. 😀
      Thank you for your comments Liz. I have a new computer in transit to me now. Then it will be a bit easier for me to be online and more interactive again.

      Liked by 1 person

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