Are You My Mother ?

A wonderful thing happened
on my way to Mother’s Day….
Let me begin with Mother’s Day
and go backwards from there….

one of my favorite books

My Mother’s Day 2017:

My adult son woke.
First thing he said to me was,
“Happy Mother’s Day, even though every day is Mother’s Day.”

And our day began…..same as always.
No special meal, flowers, gifts….
I have never expected things for Mother’s Day.

That is how I raised my kids.
“Every day is Mother’s Day!”

 This year was no different.  

Except, it was VERY different:

Last week, I had a visitor come knocking on my door.  It was Rosita. She is the mother, to whom, I and my son rent from.

She was presenting me with a gift. I graciously took it as she said, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

very nice ceramic bowl with a rubber sealed gasket air-vented lid

I looked at her questioningly. I knew Mother’s Day was soon, but today was Wednesday. What was she talking about?

Rosita read my face and probably anticipated my reaction. She continued, “It is Mother’s Day for us Latino’s ladies. Always on the 10th! You are intended to keep the bowl, no need to return it. Enjoy!”

I gave her a hug with words of gratitude and off she went, to deliver more goods, to the other mothers in her world.

inside bowl, 4 iced shortbread squares

The treats were delicious!
I enjoy using my new bowl.
They both satisfy my recent desires.
I love when that happens.

Do you see why I am loving it here!!?  It is okay that I left Michigan last November. My new life in southern California is becoming my new normal. I have created another family here.  I am exactly where I need to be right now in my life.

Thank you for reading,


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