Sarah gets her hug… 2012 wave #29

This post continues from pt2-Detoured and Scared : 2012 wave #21


I finally arrived at Sarah’s house.
Her mother had just passed away and Sarah was devastated.

Just a short 6 months prior, Sarah suffered 3 massive strokes,
leaving her funchionable and wheelchair bound.
She was her mother’s caregiver.

Now her mother was gone.  
Sarah was alone!
She did not like, alone!

I was here for a few days stay,
while Sarah adjusted to her new lifestyle.
I put my own ‘life-situations’ on pause.

Sarah was in need of a hug.
We both were.

When I arrived at the door, I let myself inside, as usual.  I could hear Sarah talking and yet, there were no cars in the driveway. No shoes or other signs of a visitor.  I was quite curious as to who Sarah was talking with and why did I not hear them? What was going on?
(ego pipes in…Sarah  can’t handle the stress! She has gone off the deep end. Get out of here. Go back to your own home)

Was I doing the right thing by being here?

As I entered the house….

I was greeted by her two cats;
Missy and Charlie

Meet Missy.
She is a Maine Coon.
She was Sarah’s, mom’s cat.

“Hello ren, glad you could make it….how ’bout a belly rub?”

Meet Charlie.
He is a stray,
with hidden talents.
We shall discuss those at a later point.

“Hey ren…. I saw you pull in. What took you so long? You look troubled….I’ll visit you later tonight, you can tell me about it, if you choose.”

Yep, Charlie was a very unique cat, for a stray….

As I rounded the corner, I had to chuckle laugh out loud, when I saw who she was talking to. There sat Sarah in her wheelchair, with a cell phone to one ear and the landline to the other. She was a busy gal indeed, as she notified  everyone of her mother’s passing.


Sarah busily informing everyone of her mother’s passing.

I felt very proud of her! She was doing quite well, considering………
(you just wait, ego states…. she will soon fall apart and you will be trapped here!)

to be continued….

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