the things Dean and I did! : 2012 wave #28

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When Dean visited (after we moved away) it was often for days, sometimes a week or more.
(He certainly is up to no good, complained ego!)

He enjoyed his visits and never wanted to be a pest.

We welcomed his stays. He was always a joy to have around.

Dean and I would spend our days, kicked back and relaxed.

He was not one for going out and doing things.
Our time was enjoyed at my house….
the same house I left, to catch the 2012 wave.

One of the main things we did, was play cards.
Rummy was our favorite as we kept a running tab of our games.

notebook for recording our card games


I always knew when he was going to ‘skunk’ me
and ‘go out’…in an attempt to ‘set me back’ in points.
Just before he laid out all his cards, he would look at me, purse his lips to make a ‘kissing’ sound, state to me, “I Love You!” and BLAMMO!
(He is just getting you use to being let down…..whined ego.)

Negative 65 !

We often wrote notes to each other, in our score book.

photo by ren


Dean was a HUGE fan of McDonald’s


ALWAYS wanting it for breakfast….
or lunch or a snack or dinner or…..

and Dean had a weakness for Arbys!


Many times wanting it for lunch
or dinner or …..

He enjoyed my cooking, but loved his fast foods.
I would often decline when he would offer
to buy me such meals.
I had given up fast food and it was not appealing to me.
(You need fast food in your life, reminded ego.)

I did not like seeing him eat so much fast food.
It was taking a toll on his health…big time!

And little did we know….
his diet would be the least of our concerns.

to be continued,



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