OH HOw our friendship grew : 2012 wave #27

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Has there ever been someone in your life, who simply ‘fit-in’?
As if they had always been part of your world?

That’s how it was with Dean and I.

Moving in with Dean, as a stepping stone up-and-out of a failed relationship, was proving to be the right choice.
You are just making more problems for yourself, grumped ego.

My kids liked Dean.
They felt at home with him.

Dean had always wanted kids, but had remained a bachelor.
With his retirement nearing, he felt he lost his chance to experience having children in his home.

Dean and I blended well within one household and our friendship grew…

friends 4ever cats.jpg

My kids and Dean developed a uniquely-wonderful and extremely-special relationship. They were good for each other.
Watch out, warned ego, Dean will ruin your world in no time!

Life was looking-up, once again!

I found a job in no time.

I started paying Dean rent and after my other expenses, I was still able to save money.

Dean enjoyed coming home after work and having a houseful of happiness.
He was very generous to rent us his basement and have full run of the house.

Within a year or so, my kids and I were able to move into our own place.

Dean did not want us to go.
He was enjoying the household arrangement.
It brought him the family, he had always wanted to have.
I tried warning you, screamed ego.

We did have a fantastic thing going on.
And yet, my gut was telling me to move on.
I needed to experience my own independence.
I had always ‘lived under-the -wing’ of others….
I had never been on my own!
My heart was telling me, it was time to fly solo.

To make things worse, I had chosen to relocate to Michigan’s western coastline.

It was one thing, for us to move.
It was another, for our move to be nearly two hours away.
Oh boy, here it comes, prodded ego

Our move broke Dean’s heart.
And yet, Dean was unique!
He swallowed his ‘loss’ and bade us farewell.
He knew I had to experience life.

Dean and I kept our unique friendship for all those years I lived away from him.

We rarely spoke on the phone.
Our communications were mainly via the computer, which was perfect!

morning cat.jpg

morning cat mcd.jpg
Dean loves his McDonald’s food

We often utilized the US Mail to send various gifts, cards, letters, etc. to one another.

Copy of 100_0862.JPG

I learned to choose my words mindfully, when around Dean.
More times than not, I would receive a gift from Dean, cuz I had ‘spoken’ of something.
Dean would then want me to have it….and he would order it online.

He really enjoyed to buy for me and I enjoyed receiving from him.

ur special coon.jpg

There were many occasions when Dean would drive to our home for a visit.
He would camp out on the floor, with his air-mattress and sleeping bag.
Sometimes staying a week or longer.
Watch yourself, sneered ego, he is up to no good….
We loved having him in our home and his visits were never long enough.

To be continued,



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