in Pursue of … (Daily Prompting)

Daily Prompt: Pursue

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ren – renagain  original

More and more people are discovering the fun and joy of following their passion to pursue their dreams.

We hear and read about it more often today.
This is becoming our new normal!

I can speak from personal experience! November, 2016, I uprooted from my Michigan home and headed west. I knew I had to go west! I thought I was headed for Colorado.

Even though my journey across America might have been a bit ‘rough’, the fact is:
I DID SOMETHING, other than more-years-of-talk.  I actually took action to make my dream come true. I followed my passion!

After exactly one month on the road, I landed in southern California.
I now know, this is where I needed to be. I belong here, at this time in my life.

More doors of ‘opportunity’ are opening up. My dream is coming into fruition like I never could have ever imagined.

Life is just getting interesting and so very exciting……

Thanx for reading,


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