why do I follow YOU if I am not a stake?

Crazy title, huh?
You will discover why at the end of this post.

I am baffled beyond words.

I have posted about this before.

When I Follow someone….

[….no, I am not a stalker!]

When I discover a blogger whom I enjoy reading,
I will ‘Follow’ them.


So I will get email notification of their new posts!

follow ON.JPG

Sounds logical…yes?

However…. that is not always the case!

I just put it to the test and ‘Followed’ someone new.

Then I went into my Reader > Followed Sites > Manage

reader manage.JPG


What do you suppose I discovered?

Yes…. the email notifier was OFF

reader off.JPG

Is that by default?
Or my fault?
Do you experience this also?
Am I doing something wrong?
Maybe my settings?
Perhaps I am accessing the Reader in my sleep
and changing all the email settings? (I think not)

That is all….just wanted to share my Follow oddity


When I wrote the title to this post…

why do I follow YOU if I am not a stake?

is WRONG!  It should read:

“why do I follow YOU if I am not a stalker?”

For some unknown reason….
my keyboard would not allow me to type an ‘L’ or ‘R’.
Even though I had already typed ‘L’s’ in the title…..

Obviously, I CAN type ‘L’ or ‘R’ in the editor here.

And I just discovered,

I cannot type ‘L’  or ‘R’  in Post Settings,
for creating tags for this post…..

Is there such a thing as
selective hot-keys“?

????????? Is it because of this post?????
Am I complaining too much??????

I need to go for a walk…….




  1. Something similar happened when I was playing Monopoly on my Xbox…

    Normally you press “RB” to buy a house. I had 2 houses on each of my orange properties. I went to put down another house and nothing happened. So I double checked that I had enough money and the bank houses to sell. Both were true.

    I proceeded to spam “RB” to no avail. I could not put down another house on these dam properties. I then proceeded to add a third house to all of my light blue properties… Clearly the game didn’t approve of my orange Monopoly.

    Honestly, sometimes computers do funny things and when they do, it’s usually an edge case that the programmer didn’t handle. I’ll talk about edge cases on the blog soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • An unhandled ‘edge case’ or was that an act of Spirit?

      Years ago, I was alone at work, using the computer. I heard gun shots nearby. ?? Huh?

      Soonly, I heard a male voice, real close to me… “Hey! You! Yeah You! The one with the mouse….”

      OMG! Really? The computer was talking to ME!!! Who will ever going to believe this??

      I think I shut it down and went home.

      Next day, we surmised that the owner’s teenage son may have had something to do with my experience…. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ren! I just had the same L and R experience when I just tried writing a response on a post…no l or r would post…but they were showing up in another tab I had open at the time….strange. It made me realize how much I do use r and l and missed them! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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