and who IS Dean??? : 2012 wave #24

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Let’s discover Dean

It was around 2005/06 when Dean and I
started making our plans to travel.
He was soon to be retired.
I would be an empty-nester
in about 5 years.
(isn’t that lovely, ego sings)

He was going to sell his house and buy a motor home.
We would uproot and travel the states together.
Landing here and there, exploring America.
We were excited and looked forward to our future of ‘traveling buds’.
(that kind of planning needs to stop, complained ego)

photo by ren

Who is Dean?

I have briefly mentioned Dean before.
I introduced him on my About page.
We are the best of friends.

In my pt 2-EGO swiped my surfboard,
Dean tries to convince me to file bankruptcy.

Buds for life.
We have bonded so closely,
our beginning is a blur.
We have always been connected.
Deeper than I ever knew could be possible.

We met, soon after I moved into that apartment,
back in the early 1990’s.
Dean was my mailman. (funny, huh?)

I have never felt more comfortable with anyone before.
It was as if we were meant to be.
In no time at all, our relationship developed and
birthed into a wondrous, yet platonic, lifelong kinship.
(stop with the friendship talk already, whined ego)

We are ‘buds for life’, as
Dean likes to say.

photo by ‘unknown’ – Dean

To be continued,


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