the ART of purGing : 2012 wave # 23

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As I reflect on that time in 2012, of ‘having too much stuff’,

I also am grateful that about 5 years earlier,
I had started purging my worldly possessions.

‘Out of the blue,’
I started sorting through my stuff.
It was an internal drive to ‘thin out’ what I had.
(you must be going crazy, nudges ego)


I was surprised to feel that way.
I never thought I could ever get rid of any of my ‘stuff’.
I needed my stuff!
You know what I am talking about, yes?
(they know you are talking crazy stuff, added ego)

My internal drive to purge belongings, was strong.
I became obsessed with opening every box in storage and
reducing what I could.

playful deer.JPG

After the boxes,
I went through kitchen cupboards, drawers…
I started searching in closets, dresser drawers, everywhere I could imagine.
I ‘had‘ to get rid of what I did not use.
I was driven, compelled, obsessed,
to get this done.
(you will regret it one day, informs ego)


My friends were astonished as I got rid of ‘my much needed stuff’.
Many often commented that ‘they could not do that’.
(your friends now know you are crazy, ego sings out)


As I purged,
friends would often

  • How can you do that?
  • How do you know what to get rid of?
  • Won’t you miss those things?
  • What if you need that later?
  • Didn’t ‘so and so’ give you that?
  • How can you live without your stuff?

and just how WAS I able to reduce my personal belongings?

    •  George Carlin’s comedy skit about ‘having too much stuff’
      often looped through my mind as I sorted through my life treasures.
      He was my biggest supporter.
  • The more my friends whined and complained of ‘my purging’,
    the more empowered I felt to purge.
    Because they were making it clear to me, that it was just ‘stuff’.
  • I held the mindset that, “I cannot take it with me when I die.”
  • I often asked myself, “If all my worldly possessions were destroyed,
    could I survive? Other people have. Why not I?
  • Could the items I am getting rid of, be easily replaced?
  • My possessions did not define ‘who I was’.
  • All I want to own, is what will fit in a car! Nothing more!

(what car?, chided ego)

Initially, it was hard to rid things.
Had I not had such a personal drive to purge,
I honestly do not believe, I could have done it.

photo by ren

As I moved through all my ‘needed’ items,
the purging became easier.

At the time, I had no clue why I was purging.
(one day soon, you will regret all that purging, warned ego)

I simply ‘acted’ on my gut feeling.
I had to thin down my belongings.

And that is what I did!
(bad move on your part, cried ego)

To be continued,



  1. Nice post.Actually there are at t times when we really need to reduce the stuff and sort things out.However very few are able to do it for the reason you have mentioned above that is obsession.Even if it is not obsession then when the time of removing them from our life comes,we likely develop an attachment towards those objects thus making it all the more difficult to reduce.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You speak very true words about possessions. They are tricky and sticky characters for sure.
      What a personal battle I went through, for years, as I reduced my ‘stuff’. 😀

      I still reflect back and sigh, wishing I had some of the things I purged.
      Bottom line: I do not need ‘things’ in order to live. I am ‘living’ proof!

      In the past week, I discovered there is such a thing today as ‘minimal living’. I never knew!

      Liked by 1 person

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