My ‘STUFF’ Belonged to Ego – Not ME! : 2012 wave #22

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As I mentioned in ‘ego swiped my surfboard’,
part 1
part 2
I felt I had too much stuff.

photo by ren

And I did!

Over 50 years accumulation of personal belongings
to get rid of or haul to my new …. location. (ego is waking up)

photo by ren

All my belongings were in my house [mostly in the unfinished basement] and garage.  (ego recommended the storage areas when I first moved here)

photo by ren

Oh, and can’t forget the things in the yard;

  • the benches Dean made me,

  • statues from friends,

  • large rocks I hauled home for their sheer beauty and placed them as borders to my rock garden.  (ego keeps piling it on)

photo by ren

The rock garden!
Was I going to haul all those rocks to my new….location?
I loved those rocks!
I collected them with my kids and friends.
Those rocks had memories!
I had to bring them!
I can build a new rock garden.
(ego starts to chant “garden, garden, garden”….)

Oh no!
My beautiful garden of flowers, herb, fruits, vegetables.
I put years into that mixed up garden.
(ego is spinning like a top, grinning from ear to ear)

itchy ear.JPG
photo by ren

It was my ‘meditation zone’.
How can I leave that behind?
I could take clippings and start a new garden at my next…. location.
Will I have a yard for a garden?
(ego reminded me)

To be continued,


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