pt 1-Detoured and Scared! : 2012 wave #20

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My energies were zapped,
I felt drained as I got closer to Sarah’s.
It was about an hour drive and without a radio,
I had plenty of time to reminisce and contemplate .
What would happen next in my world’?
(ego is playing his violin)

I was getting closer to her home.
I had to set ‘my personal issues’ aside.
Sarah was waiting for me.
We both needed that comfort hug right about now.
(ego has heard enough mushy talk for a while… he is tapping his foot)

I chose to take a brief ‘detour’ down a country dirt road,
someplace ‘nature-like’ with barely any traffic.

two track sarahphoto by ren

This spot worked great!
(ego is not excited about this side stop)
I pulled off the road,
just into the weeds and turned off my car.

Deep breath in and long slow exhale. 
(ego is slapping me, trying to get me to stop mindful breathing)

Breathing is very refreshing and ‘cleansing’ for me.
A deep belly inhale with an audible exhale feels so good!

I stepped out of the car
and walked a few yards here and there,
there and here, ending back at the car.
I needed to stretch, get some fresh air and sunshine.
I felt beat up from the drive here.

I sat in the car with the door open.
(ego despises sunshine)
I was not accustomed to ‘riding the 2012 wave’.
I had not planned on surfing,
and here I was,
getting wet.
Feeling drowned!
(ego nods in satisfaction)
I had hardly touched my surfboard yet.
I can’t surf!
(ego gleefully reminded me)
What in the world was I DOING?????

I keep saying ”my car”, when in reality,
it belongs to a friend.
(ego just threw that into my face)
They loaned me a car for a couple weeks,
while they were out of town.
I had no car.
(ego is snickering)
It had been totaled a few months back.

The realization of my life, hit me.
(ego was harassing me and loving it)


To be continued,

Originally posted July 26, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017


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