Hemp : A SuperFood and so much more

A post from my Hempren blog.


Not only is Hemp one of the most
nutritionally well-balanced foods on the planet,
it is also an incredible multi-purpose plant;
used for paper, cloth, rope and anything in between.

It is also extremely misunderstood.

Please, please do not confuse Hemp with its sister plant, Marijuana.
They are NOT the same!

Hemp is virtually Free of THC! (tetrahydrocannabinol)
THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid, that makes you high.
Therefore, Hemp is a logical healthy choice.

peace leaf.JPG
photo by ren / renagain original

Hemp has been used by ancient cultures,
since before recorded history.
Its uses have been found worldwide.
Hemp fiber was made into rope and cloth.
The stalk used for making paper.

The ancients did not stop there!
The seeds were used for nutrition.
They could be used as shelled seeds, butter, oil, flour and protein powder.

What makes Hemp protein so powerful
is that it is a plant-based complete…

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