April 1st to Easter – {16 Daily Prompts} & my 2017 Goals UPDATE !

The 16 Daily Prompt words are:

Later  Pause  Prudent  Cusp  Champion  Denial  Outlier  Heal
Tenacious  Blindly  Unravel  Pleased  Timely  Measure  Cranky  Climbing

photo by ren

My intentions were to be timely and post monthly updates to my 2017 Major Goals. However, while doing what I enjoy most, aka: acting on my passions, I discovered that my time is melding and becoming less of a reality for me…. I have discovered that our words/definitions that we use for the measure of ‘time’ are becoming outdated.

Some people go into denial and sometimes become cranky, when they become lost in time… time as they once knew it. Or they simply continue on blindly without a care.
And that is okay!
Everyone is where they are suppose to be.
We are all perfect.

Now redirect your attention to my prior post…
Pause & Later (daily prompt)
Which obviously used the prompts Later and Pause.

I was born October 23,
an Astrological cusp.


I have always claimed Scorpio, not for any astrological reason, but simply based on its image of a scorpion. I know not much of Libra… something to do with balance?

Today, as I continue to unravel more of who I am,
I feel I would be pleased  should I understand astrology more.

My 3 Major Goals for 2017

— Relocate
— Complete written mini-series
— Create Residual Income

— I have chosen not to Relocate at this time. I happen to be in the prime location for the changes taking place in my world right now.
Huh? Imagine that?

— I continue climbing onto my surfboard to write more for – Riding the 2012 Wave. One day, it will find an ending.

— As for the Residual Income… I have totally surprised myself with this one.

daily prompt prudent.JPG

I became prudent with my endeavors of seeking fulfillment for residual income.

The passion I chose to follow, is with THC Free Hemp based health products.
I have yearned to do this for a decade and am beginning to feel as a champion!

daily prompt tenacious.JPG

And yet, had it not been for my tenacious determination,
dispelling those who tried hard to condemn me…
ignoring the ‘outlier spell’ they wanted me to live!

daily prompt outlier.JPG

Hogwash! I say, Hogwash!

One of my main messages that I am delivering to everyone is how healthy Industrial Hemp is!  I did not say heal !

created by ren of renagain original

Why would anyone not want to explore the possibility of being healthier?
When I said that I was surprised by the outcome of the Residual Income goal,
it is because I discovered that it is not about the money….
it is about the people I can help with these leading-edge Hemp based products.
It does not get much better than that.

Thank you for reading,



  1. You summed up so well…all those daily prompt flashed back even though it’s been only a few days writing about them. Love the quote Hemp will not get you high…but healthier and this comes so fresh reason today while waiting on cashier line they had the Hemp packet stating this is the oldest protein cultivated by the mankind or found by mankind in the vegetarian world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. It was crazy fun putting all the words together.
      My Hempren blog explains more about hemp.
      Hemp is awesome! Been around since before recorded history.


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