pt 2-WOES of being Stress & Drama FREE : 2012 wave #19

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As I mentioned in part I,
my friends turned against me,
as I rid the stress and drama
from my world:
(who needs friends like that?, squawks ego)


photo by ren

Their words exploded
in my heart!

I opened my mouth and
this is what I basically said to them:

I thanked them for their observation and
pointed out,
this is my world.
I worked HARD
to get to this point in my life!
And I was proud of it!

(you fool! keep quiet!, retorts ego)
I do not always agree with the choices
THEY make in their world,
yet I respect them.


I support them in their decisions, regardless!

Because it is
their world
they can live it
any way they choose.
(you need to listen to them!, chortles ego)


this is my world.

THEY do not have to like it
be part of it.

Thank you!
I love you.

That seemed to do the trick.
(now you did it! Drop that love stuff, shivers ego)

I still do not watch television.
Nor listen to the radio.
Nor seek out any ‘current events’ on the internet.

I simply do not care.
I have discovered,
that any news I might need to know,
finds me.

Lake Michiganphoto by Heath   –   Lake Michigan

The fact is,
I reduced the stress and drama in my world.
My heart is elated
I view life quite differently now.
(…because you have stinkin’ blinders on!, exclaims ego)

My friends have almost learned not to talk ‘news’ to me.

In the beginning, I would let them talk and tell me about the world events.
And I eventually discovered, I might as well turn the TV back on.
Their descriptions of events,
the blow-by-blow replays….
The hype of horror…

I could not take it!
The energies they spewed forth when ‘recapping’ the news,
it was as if I was plopped in front of the TV with stereo headphones on.

I finally learned how to TALK OVER THEM AND TELL THEM TO STOP!
Most times I did have to yell, STOP!
They were so wound up in their words, I became invisible.

“”Please stop!
I care not to hear this!

I do not watch TV for a reason!
Please respect me on this!
Let’s change the topic or stop talking now.
Thank you!””

I did not lose any friends over this situation.
(you do not really have any friends! you know that, right? whispers ego)

The best part is;
Anyone can reduce the
stress and drama in their world.

You just gotta wanna.
Everything is a matter of choice!

To be continued,


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