pt 1-WOES of being Stress & Drama FREE : 2012 wave #18

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During one of the highest stress filled times of my life,
I chose to stop the dumb stuff.
Stress! and Drama!
They had to go!
(you will be sorry, challenged ego)

No longer was I able to make sound decisions.
I was becoming a total chaotic wreck!
It seemed far away…and I knew it had to stop!

lil stop
photo by ren that really a stop sign?  I know I can make it! I KNOW I can!

To give you a DATE as to when this reduction occurred,
is difficult.

What did I do to reduce my stress and drama?

1- took baby steps. (cuz you are a baby, grunted ego)

2- learned to listen to my heart for guidance. (thump, thump, mimicked ego)

When things made my heart anxious, sad, hurt, etc..
that was the ‘signal’ to pay attention.

3- changed my point of view on a slew of things. (that won’t last, stated ego)

4- changed or let go of countless beliefs.
(you can’t change a belief, explained ego)

I discovered that many beliefs, have underlying beliefs,
with more underlying beliefs that can go quite deep.
It took time to get to the root source of some.

5- totally quit watching television in the spring of 2010

I had become so conditioned to ‘having to watch TV’
that it was almost pathetic.
Who was in control?
(you will be,when you have TV again, informed ego)

  • Why did I want to watch programs about other people’s
    stressed out and drama filled lives? Or blood and gore?
  • Why did I need to watch the news before going to bed?
    Or upon waking up?
    –Those are the TWO worse times
    to fill your head with the horrors of news.
  • I had also been noticing how the news made my heart hurt.
    I did not like that feeling at all.My heart was becoming the measuring stick in my world.
    It served me better, when it was content. (your heart can only pump your blood, retorted ego)

After many long years of
ridding the ‘crap’ from my world,
I was feeling really good.

Then that web of doom, tried to creep  back in…

the web beganphoto by Heath

Some of the people closest to me,
started getting fed up with my happy, happy life!?!
(LISTEN TO THEM, screamed ego)

They were frustrated that
I chose NOT to keep up with the world events.
For them and their reality,
I HAD to watch the news
or I would not know what was happening.
It meant life or death to them.

Those I love started being mean to me with their words:

“You go right ahead and stick your head in the sand like an ostrich.”

” You can pretend all you want, but the world is still happening
and you need to be part of it!”

“Yeah, you go live in your little make believe, hairy fairy life.
You need to snap out of it and come back to reality.”

What do you say to something like that?
I felt betrayed!
(you need to listen to them…cried ego)

photo by Heath

Their words exploded
in my heart!

To be continued,

Originally posted July 26, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017




  1. Since I teach (from personal experience) about dumping drama and chaos, I so closely resonate with this post. Put things into your Universe that you want. Throw out the rest. Do a ruthless self-inventory of beliefs, habits and actions. Listen to your heart. Lovely post. Brave post. ❤ thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanx, glad it resonates with you. I knew you have had your own personal fun with this activity. 🙂
      I feel it is awesome that you offer yourself to help others with their life inventories. I have been meaning to tell you that. Keep up the great service. ren

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve already learned to avoid watching anything political on TV. I only have control over my vote and that’s all I can control. It agitates me unnecessarily. Same with many Facebook posts…I’ve learned to just scroll on by. Those small changes have made a difference..great post

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx and great small solutions on your part. I love baby steps.
      You are bigger than I am. I won’t Facebook or any ‘social media’ right now, due to the drama I experienced before.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good for you! I haven’t owned a TV in years. Five or so? I knew we were in trouble the day reality TV shows began. No thank you. I didn’t want any of that as my reality. Even on Social Media….Block, or Ban button works very well. We choose how we want our lives to be. I choose peace. My friends picked on me, and accused me the same. I’m like….”Just let me know if a tornado is heading my way. I’m pretty sure we’ll all know when Jesus comes back, so you don’t haveta worry about telling me that.” Much love. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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