Joys of being Stress and Drama FREE : 2012 wave #17

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I did manage to reduce the
stress and drama in my world.

The benefits were beginning to show.

I noticed my heart calming down. 
was relaxing more.
My breathing was less strained.

I no longer felt rushed.
Go here!
Do that!
Get this done!
Multitask this!
and that!
and WHOA!

photo by ren

I hate that feeling of being rushed.
(you are confused. You love that feeling.
Remember? ego jumps in)

My heart does not like it.
My heart?
Look at my heart.
It is calmer.
I like that feeling. 🙂
My heart knows.

photo by ren  –  Crystal Lake, Beulah, MI

All I have to do, is ‘listen to my heart’!
Pay attention to how my heart feels.
Be mindful of my heart.

When my heart starts to ‘not feel well’,
then I know something is not right.
I stop and figure it out.
(…and what about me? ego cries)

I did not need ‘mental lists’.
I did not need to ‘know my triggers’.
All I needed to do was:
listen to how my heart was feeling.

All I have to do is:

Keep track of ONE thing;

How simple……
(dream on girl….
this heart stuff….
it won’t last, informs ego)

To be continued,

photo by ren



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