pt 2-Stress and Drama ~ Is it fun yet? : 2012 wave #16

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I use to get emotionally involved
in other peoples issues.
I felt it and lived it with them.
Even when I was not there.
(you know they can’t resolve anything
without YOUR help, ego encourages)

I was living their drama within me.
It would churn and roil around inside me.
My heart ached for them to find resolve.
(you just need to help them more, screams ego)

whisps - II.JPG
photo and creation by ren

And I could do nothing to help them.
It was their battle.
I had my own wars.
I could do nothing.
I had my own issues.
This was their battle.
Leave it alone.
I had my own to deal with.
Let it go.
(NO!, they need you, screams ego)

Over time, there was a reduction of
stress and drama in my world.

To be continued,

Originally posted July 20, 2016
Updated fall/winter 2016/2017



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